Thursday, November 10, 2011

India Travel Guide

India travel can become wonderful if the journey to the enchanting place is done with sound planning. For this, assistance of professionally managed registered tour operators proves helpful as they offer holiday packages at reasonable rates.
India is a land of exotic places such as beautiful monuments, forts, palaces, temples, mosques, beaches, hill stations, etc. These places of attraction draw a large number of tourists from various Indian states as well as tourists from abroad. Besides this, some of the must visit places in India are the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, hill stations like Shimla, Mussorie, Kullu Manali, Nainital, and various beaches in Goa.
The rich and ancient culture of the country attracts anthropologists, wherein people from distant countries like to travel to India to study its ancient history and evolution of various tribes, religions and communities.
India’s diversity that offer beautiful colors by means of costumes, traditions, colors, customs, practices, festivals and cuisines too act as a center of attraction. Enthusiasts can take pleasure in them by actually visiting the various Indian states during the festive period and take active participation to experience the beauty of it.
Apart from culture, people having interest in adventure can enjoy activities like   trekking, mountaineering, rock-climbing, river-rafting, sight-seeing, desert safari, etc. The Himalayan ranges located in Northern India, the Thar Desert, beautiful coral reefs, sunny beaches etc. too provide the chance to undertake adventurous activities. To take delight in all these exciting activities, sound planning is required. Good research helps to make appropriate plans, so that wonderful time can be spent with friends and family members.